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Our advanced Pool Sound & Light systems utilise state of the art technology, allowing the user to effortlessly breeze through a comprehensive range of inbuilt programs specifically designed to encourage interaction and relaxation within the pool - and all without leaving the water!

Reliable and simple to use - Never again worry that a computer crash or virus may plunge your pool into darkness or mean abandoning a critical multi-sensory session whilst technical issues are resolved.

Our advanced system does not utilise or require complex components such as computers, Windows™, custom software, hard drives or touch screens in order to operate. Embedded technology means our Pool Sound and Light system is the only one available that is ready to go the moment you flick the switch. Another first brought to you by The Sensory Company.

No waiting for software to load, and no user intervention or computer skills required. Just reliability and simplicity without compromise and more importantly, without dependency upon a PC.

Did you know? We invented the original DST wireless sensory product range and floating Hydrotherapy water switch technology. Always insist on original products direct from the inventor.
The Aqua Product Range
Water and electricity do not mix! The DSTAqua range are designed and manufactured specifically for safe use in a water environment. All products are available in low voltage versions for even greater peace of mind or where regulatory minimum distances cannot me met.
Image Of Bathroom Lighting Package
Image Of DSTAqua Twirler
Image Of DSTAqua Double Water Switch
Image Of DSTAqua Water Switch - Safe Switching in Water