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Discover The MAGIC Your New Pool System Will Give You

Hydrotherapy pools are wonderfully enabling environments that allow your users to stretch, rotate and move on a much larger scale, encouraging the use and stimulation of multiple senses.

More and more teachers and carers are recognising the important advantages of using sensory equipment in a pool. You may also experience results with your end users much earlier in a water-based environment than in a dry environment such as a sensory room.

This is because your users have less pressure on sore areas and the warm water helps their body (and mind) relax. In this state some of your users can do considerably more than they would when outside the pool.

With our DST pool system, you will have total control on the activity being carried out as well as maximum versatility for your users. Our floating (and submersible) DST water switches will make sure of that.

A Pool System DESIGNED And Manufactured, ESPECIALLY For You And Your Users

We design pool systems for use in any size of wet area, from a small bathroom up to a full size swimming pool. Our modular system will also allow you to expand on your system over time, so you can start with a switch and one or two effects and over time, build up to an all singing, all dancing HydroTheatre System (click for more information), where you will be able to interact with smells, video, light, sound effects, music, fog, bubbles and even change the colour of your pool water.

You can also choose our Intelligent Pool System (Intelli-Pool - contact us for more information) that has been developed following consultations with professionals that include physiotherapists, teachers and carers. There are NO complicated computer systems or touch screens to boot up or program with our Intelli-Pool system, because we have done all the hard work for you and it comes complete with an array of preset activities designed by professionals, with your end users in mind. You simply switch on and go.

These activities are ideal for promoting movement, vocalisation, relaxation, tracking skills and switching skills. Best of all, you will have complete control of your system without leaving the water (or having additional staff outside the pool to do it for you) as you can select the relevant preset session by using our specially designed ‘carers’ water switch.

Our Aqua Product Range:

Remember, water and electricity do not mix. Our unique DSTAqua range is designed and manufactured, by us in the UK, specifically for safe use in a water environment and are available in safe low voltage versions for even greater peace of mind.

Contact Us today and arrange a visit with one of our specialist advisors, who will work with you to design your new hydro pool system, specifically for you and your end users.

HERE Are Some Equipment Ideas To Use In YOUR New Hydro Pool

Image Of Bathroom Lighting Package
Price from £740.00 Net
Image Of DSTAqua Projector
Price from £495.00 Net
Image Of DSTAqua Colour Changer
Price £395.00 Net
Image Of DSTAqua Twirler
Price from £495.00 Net
Image Of DSTAqua Double Water Switch
Price £395.00 Net
Image Of DSTAqua UV Light
Price £360.00 Net
Image Of DSTAqua Fog Machine
Price from £19.95 Net
Image Of DSTAqua Water Switch - Safe Switching in Water
Price £315.00 Net
Image Of DSTAqua LED Scanner
Price £1420.00 Net
Image Of Professional Pool Sound System
Price £1895.00 Net