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DISCOVER For Yourself The Amazing Results You Can ACHIEVE With Our Bubble Tubes

Our Bubble Tubes and Bubble Walls (please Contact Us for more details on our bubble walls) are designed and manufactured by us in the UK, specifically for you and your users.

We ensure you have a number of bubble tube options available, so you can be sure your new bubble tube will be a perfect addition for you and your user(s). Simply scroll down and select the bubble tube that fits your requirements to find out more.

You can login or set up an account and place your order online (click 'Add to Cart' that is next to your chosen option), or Contact Us and we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Our Proven Bubble Tube Technology Is So GOOD And It Will Do All This For You

To ensure our bubble tubes have the maximum benefit for you and your user(s), we ensure that our they fall into two categories:

Passive Bubble Tubes (relaxing) and Interactive Bubble Tubes (stimulating). We also manufacture an option for our bubble tubes, so you can have plastic balls, beads and fish added to help you develop your users tracking skills.

All of our Interactive Bubble Tubes offer both relaxation and interaction, at no extra cost - these bubble tubes are the most versatile available and will ensure you can provide a solution to a mixed user group, for people of all ages and abilities. Bubble tubes are often the focal point of many sensory rooms and our sensory bubble tubes will provide a therapeutic effect for both you and your users (imagine chilling out at the end of a difficult day, watching the bubbles slowly rise and change colour, whilst listening to your favourite piece of music - set yourself free from the daily grind for a while).

All our bubble tubes feature our unique EasyClean™ technology, so when the time comes for you to change the water, it will be an absolute breeze. They are manufactured in house to extremely high standards, so you will find they are extremely reliable. We have designed and manufactured them with you and your users in mind, so the operation is as simple as possible.

You will also benefit from our unique ColorMelt™ technology. This will ensure you have silky smooth colour changing (no sharp jolts/strobe type colour changing, just a smooth transition from one colour to the next) and the option to override stimulating colours, such as deep reds, if you want to use your bubble tube to relax your users.

You will also be safe in the knowledge that we use the most advanced, ultra bright long life Luxeon™ LED technology, unlike many of our competitors, so even your visually impaired users will benefit from using one of our bubble tubes. Our safe low voltage design, also makes sure your new bubble tubes are totally safe, even for the bashers and crashers amongst your users, and the brilliant vivid 'true' colour reproduction ensures you can use your new bubble tube for educational purposes.

When you compare our specification to other companies offering similar products, we are sure you will agree, you will have chosen the best functionality and value for money, with any bubble tube you select from our range.

HERE Are Some Of Our PROVEN Bubble Tubes, Developed With YOU In Mind

Image Of Bubble Tube Bracket
Price £30.00 Net
Image Of EasyClean™ LED Ball Bubble Tube
Price £565.00 Net
Image Of Bubble Tube Draining Kit - inc Pump & 6m of hose
Price £29.85 Net
Image Of EasyClean™ LED Bead Bubble Tube
Price £565.00 Net
Image Of Bubble Tube Plinths
Price from £230.00 Net
Image Of EasyClean™ LED DST Bubble Tube
Price from £950.00 Net
Image Of Bubble Tube Replacement Lamp - Long Life
Price £9.95 Net
Image Of EasyClean™ LED Passive Bubble Tube
Price £475.00 Net
Image Of BubbleClean Water Treatment
Price £24.95 Net
Image Of EasyClean™ MegaActive
Image Of EasyClean™ Interactive