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DST - Insist on the original Wireless
Interactive Sensory Technology

Many products on this website look similar to products found on other sites but are prefixed DST (DST Bubble Tube, DST Lightsource etc)... So what exactly is DST?... what will it do for you, and why is it creating such huge interest across the world?

Who better than an impartial professional and experienced user of our DST products to explain the huge difference they make.

DST Explained by Helen Crawford (Award winning SEN teacher, Bishop Auckland, UK)

DST - you don’t really need to know what it means, you just need to know that it works!

Imagine being able to operate a whole host of multi-sensory teaching and learning devices from any where within a 30mtr radius, imagine being able to press a switch from any position, imagine not having connecting wires all around the room and you have DST.

The technology, which is called DST, is very simple, it means cause and effect. When a switch is pressed something will happen. This could be as simple as a light or fan being switched on or an elaborate scenario of sound, light, scent, video and vibration.

The switches and the device they operate are not connected by a wire; they can be positioned to meet the needs of the pupils and their teachers.

The range of DST products available is wide and can be used in a variety of ways for pupils to develop imaginative play, creative skills, language and communication skills; understanding of cause and effect and an increased awareness of the world around them. All the DST Effects can be operated by a variety of switch devices called DST Causes (think Cause & Effect).

The type of switches (DST Causes) produced by The Sensory Company are imaginative, engaging and above all user friendly. Pupils of all ages and abilities enjoy throwing the DST Magic Cube and are enchanted when the colour changes in the DST Twirler and DST Bubble Tube, to match the colour on the upper most face of the cube. More able children enjoy playing ‘beat the technology’ by shouting out the colour before it can change. They also enjoy trying to beat the ‘voice in the speaker’. The speaker which can be placed anywhere in the room and easily configured with your own phrases / sounds usually wins, telling children clearly the number on the upper surface of the DST Magic Cube.

The DST MegaButtons are fun to use and have the added flexibility of being easily configurable by the teacher to meet a wide range of needs. Favourite switches can also be plugged into the DST MegaButtons so they become part of the DST system - the use of DST is as limited as your imagination.

We furnished a school corridor with DST equipment. Thanks to the development of pioneering software, the corridor was easy to use without moving or programming individual pieces.

DST is completely different from any other equipment available and is well worth seeing.

Thanks Helen for your superb explanation. We couldn't have done it better ourselves!

To get up to date with this exciting new very effective technology, please contact us using the contact details at the top of this page.