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What is UV Light (Blacklight)?
Ultra Violet light (Blacklight) fittings produce light which is just beyond the blue end of the colour spectrum so appears 'invisible' to the eye. A dramatic glowing effect is created when used with fluorescent products (listed below).

The intense contrast between the black background and the vivid colours produced can help persons with visual impairments identify objects which would normally be very difficult for them to see. Blacklight is inexpensive and the benefits of a dark room which makes extensive use of blacklight and fluorescent materials, pictures and other items are widely acknowledged.

Safe use of UV Light (Blacklight)
UV(A) light (Blacklight) is perfectly safe to use as long as guidelines are adhered to.
Dr Brian Duffey, a consultant to the National Radiology Protection Board has researched the use of UV light within dark rooms.

He concluded that a teacher and pupil working in a dark room for 2 hours, approx. four feet (1.2m) away from a UV light would receive a dose of ultra violet radiation equivalent to about 48 seconds of summer sunshine. Therefore, if UV light is used appropriately in a dark room, there is no risk to eyes or skin.

A National Advisory Board has advised maximum exposure times as: Children 5 hours per day and Adults 1 hour per day
Image Of DSTAqua UV Light
Image Of UV Lamp & fitting
Image Of Glow Balls
Image Of UV Paint - Various Colours
Image Of Glowing Torch - **NEW LED Version**
Image Of UV Reactive Bubble Machine Fluid
Image Of Handheld UV Lamp in holder
Image Of UV Spotlight
Image Of Portable UV Light with Lamp Guard
Image Of UV Twin Rechargeable Portable Light
Image Of Spare UV Lamps & Tubes