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  Why choose The Sensory Company?

There are lots of reasons for choosing The Sensory Company, from our vast experience to our unique history and innovative range of products.

In the last decade we have created more sensory areas worldwide than any other company..... In 2008 alone, we manufactured over 500 sensory areas for the Polish Ministry of Education. Our ability to handle vast projects like this with ease, ahead of time and exactly to budget, hopefully re-assures that we are more than capable of making your new project a complete success whilst still offering the best service and value available. Never forgetting our very humble beginnings - whether you require a single item, fitting out a full room or indeed equipment for every school in the country, you have our full attention and piece of mind that your new investment is proven to be in safe hands from concept to completion.

Work directly with the leading Sensory manufacturer...... Many claim it, but The Sensory Company actually does design and manufacture 99% of all products sold. Dealing directly with the manufacturer provides value, piece of mind, and assures a very high quality end product.

We try hard to get it right first time..... We analyse and learn from our mistakes so hopefully they won't happen again.

All our products are designed specifically to achieve results..... Years of specialist experience and feedback from teachers, carers and other professionals goes into every product we manufacture. Our installations and products have been OFSTED (UK government, educational inspection body) inspected on numerous occasions and had fantastic reviews time after time. All our products are designed specifically for the needs of the user, as well as their ease of use, by our team of highly qualified engineers at our research facility.

Our founder has devoted his working life to improving the standards.... More than a decade ago, our (then quite young) founder - an electrical, electronic, software graduate and learning disabilities expert invented and supplied innovative products for many of the companies who are now competitors. Many of the products invented back then and today are worldwide firsts.

We are pioneers.... We invest heavily in the research and development of tools for learning disabilities. We are the inventors of DST, The Sensory Theatre as well as the worlds first ever "Talking" Bubble Tube, Infinity Panel, and DST Magic Talking Cube amongst lots of other pioneering products. The DST Magic Cube was immediately awarded 'Best New Product' at its launch at the LIW exhibition, Birmingham, UK in 1998. It amazed the (late) Queen Mother in summer 2000, during her visit to the Disabled Living Foundation in London, UK. Since then numerous imitations of our products have appeared, so we must be doing something right!

Customer Service, Training and After Sales Support..... You are our most important asset and we go to great lengths to ensure that you receive 100% from us. Installations include a familiarisation session to ensure you get the maximum benefit from the equipment.

If you require further information, or wish to visit one of our existing installations, please do not hesitate to contact us using the details at the top of the page.