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Our Sensory Theatre Explained and Frequently Asked Questions

Historically..... The original concept of the sensory room began in Holland in the late seventies. They were designed for relaxation whilst allowing exploration in a safe environment. Since then, these rooms have changed dramatically and more emphasis has tended to be placed on interaction, learning and offering the users control over their surroundings. These rooms are generally known as a multisensory environment, multisensory studio, multi sensory theme studio or Snoezelen room and usually allow the user to switch various equipment on and off, offering limited interaction.

The future has arrived....... Our unique Sensory Theatre™ is a brand new concept and a giant leap forward in sensory room technology. It utilises our already established DST wire free technology, allowing extreme flexibility and the benefit of being wireless. Praised by OFSTED (the UK educational inspection body), the core of the theatre is our ‘Simple DST Multimedia’ Windows based software.

Wish you were here?...... Perhaps you simply need to create a calm, relaxing environment. Within seconds the Sensory Theatre can be just that. And what about users interacting with individual items in the room? Again very easy to do.... but let’s make things really interesting. Let’s create a trip to a distant tropical island, the bright sun high in the sky, the sound of the aqua water gently kissing the shore, the smell of coconut, the wind gently tussling your hair, nothing but beautiful white sand can be seen for miles. But wait someone rolled the DST Magic Cube onto the picture of the airplane... they're instantly experiencing flying in a Bi-Plane, with the sights, sounds, smells and wind in their hair. Another user has selected another picture – they’re now out swimming with dolphins, the smell of the sea penetrating the nostrils. The only limit is your imagination, and it's all extremely easy to do!

Our customers absolutely love it!..... The Sensory Theatre™ was recently very neatly described by one ecstatic customer - "Our new Sensory Theatre is like a blank sheet of paper, upon which we can create unique, exciting, educational environments of video projection, sound and ever changing colour in seconds to suit each individuals needs. At last our pupils have the power to take themselves anywhere they want to go, or do anything they desire. It empowers and gives them choice at the touch of their favourite switch" - we couldn't have described it better ourselves!

A very effective teaching tool..... The Sensory Theatre™ can help improve switching skills, motor skills, colour, number and shape recognition, develop cause effect and social interaction skills, stimulate through a variety of forms or just simply relax. It can be based on a specific Curriculum or used solely for relaxation. Maybe your room needs to be stimulating or perhaps you want the best of both worlds and you want the room to be used for stimulation as well as relaxation. The choice is now yours.

What makes the Sensory Theatre different to other systems available?..... Our DST product range was specifically designed to be used for simply and effectively teaching people with learning disabilities. Add to this our revolutionary Simple DST Multimedia Windows Based software, and you have an extremely powerful combination. The software was written by our own software engineers to meet the demands of special needs teachers / carers. The software natively knows what all the products in a sensory room are used for and uses terms widely known and used by care professionals. The combination of this as well as listening to the needs of the customer is the secret to its extreme effectiveness. It is surprisingly simple to use yet very powerful.

Our experience shows that the system is so simple to grasp, within 10 minutes even someone with very limited computer skills will be well on their way to creating exciting, interactive learning environments! It really is that easy!

By comparison, some other systems available make use of products primarily designed for use in Discos, not in a sensory room. This is made worse by controlling the Disco lights using software which was again designed for the Disco industry. These systems produce varied results at the expense of much greater complexity, as they were never designed to be used in a learning environment.

Furthermore, our Sensory Theatre is not dependant on the computer or software..... Another major consideration with other systems available (like those using Disco type software) is a lot of the equipment used is totally dependant on the computer. At first this does not seem a major issue, but it is soon realised that taking away the computer will cause the equipment to do very little if anything at all, offering very little in educational value. Problems with the computer or software could mean re-arranging your classes for the week.

On the contrary, every item that makes up our Sensory Theatre™ is designed as a learning tool in its own right, and is totally independent of the computer. All the products will function as learning tools whether the computer is there or not. Furthermore, our products will also interact with each other irrespective of having a computer or not. Perhaps the carer / teacher doesn't require the extra features provided by the computer today (or is a technophobe), wanting only simple interaction... not a problem in our Sensory Theatre™.

Do we provide days of training on how to use our Simple DST Multimedia software?.....NO!! We don't need to! Our philosophy on all products we manufacture is if you need a training course to use it, it is far too difficult to use, so it is our Engineers that need more training! Our software is so intuitive and simple that you will be using it in about 10 minutes.

Stimulating the senses..... Many new products have been designed for use in this exciting new environment. The DST Aroma Panel, DST Wind Machine, DST LED Bubble Tube, DST LED Fibre Optic Lightsource and various other DST Effects provide stimulation through the Smell, Touch, Hearing, and Sight senses.

Find out more..... To find out more about The Sensory Theatre™ please contact us using the details at the top of this page.

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