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   EasyClean™ LED DST Bubble Tube
The original and most advanced wireless interactive bubble tube available just got better!

Built upon the known benefits of cause and effect, the DST LED Bubble Tube is a DST Effect and will interact with any of our DST Cause products such as (but not only!) the DST Magic Cube. Many DST Cause products are available to suit different requirements - to see more DST Cause products, please follow the links on the left. With one DST cause product you can easily interact with hundreds of DST Effects one by one or all at the same time!

Roll the DST Magic Cube (not included) and watch as the DST LED Bubble Tube changes colour to match whichever colour lands on the Cubes uppermost face!

All Bubble Tubes manufactured by The Sensory Company™ now use super bright Luxeon™ LEDs. The deep pure colour produced makes them much more accessible to the visually impaired, and being LED eliminates the need to change lamps. In addition, there are no noisy fans, making the unit ideal for a relaxation setting.

Unit also features our exclusive ColorMelt™ silky smooth colour changing technology and great built in functions such as a relaxation mode with no aggressive deep reds (which the operator can override as required).

No messy drain pump required - this unit features our unique EasyClean™ technology making cleaning as simple as possible.

Operates on safe low voltage from an external medical grade power supply (included).
External power supply operates on 100-240VAC and should be mounted well away from the water.

If this item will go under a plinth (not included), please select Plinth Version
(Imperial conversion - 2m = 78.75", 1.5m = 69" 1m = 39.5")

Bubble Tube - DST - LED - 1.0m
Bubble Tube - DST - LED - 1.5m
Bubble Tube - DST - LED - 2.0m
Bubble Tube - DST - LED - Plinth - 1.0m - (Kit inc Ext. Controller)
Bubble Tube - DST - LED - Plinth - 1.5m - (Kit inc Ext. Controller)
Bubble Tube - DST - LED - Plinth - 2.0m - (Kit inc Ext. Controller)