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   EasyClean™ LED Passive Bubble Tube
This firm favourite has now been supercharged with the exact same high brightness, super long life, colour rich Luxeon™ LED light engine and ColorMelt™ silky smooth colour changing electronics as our premium bubble tubes.

Watch as a plethora of gently changing deep vibrant colour reflects from the endless stream of rising bubbles, creating a widely acknowledged calming effect, whilst avoiding overly stimulating deep reds which can be distressing for some users.

No messy drain pumps required - this unit features the same unique EasyClean™ technology found on all our high end tubes, making cleaning as simple as possible.

Operates on safe low voltage from external medical grade power supply (included).
External power supply operates on 100-240VAC and should be mounted well away from the water.

(Imperial conversion - 2m = 78.75", 1.5m = 69" 1m = 39.5").
If the bubble tube will be going under a soft play plinth, please choose the Plinth Version

Bubble Tube - Passive LED - 1.0m
Bubble Tube - Passive LED - 1.0m - Plinth Ver
Bubble Tube - Passive LED - 1.5m
Bubble Tube - Passive LED - 1.5m - Plinth Ver
Bubble Tube - Passive LED - 2.0m
Bubble Tube - Passive LED - 2.0m - Plinth Ver.