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   Bathroom Lighting Package
Make bath times - fun times with our affordable Bathroom Lighting package.

Press the fully submersible DST Aqua Water Switch (included) floating in the bath and watch as different colours and shapes are projected from the DST Twirler. Bright, slowly rotating shapes are selected by the touch of the switch creating an extremely interactive or relaxing environment.

In some cases illuminating the bath in a user’s favourite colour could encourage them to enter.

Includes 1 x DSTAqua Water Switch and 1 x DST Twirler

Water switch operates on integral PP3 battery (included). DST Twirler operates on mains voltage. Low Voltage version DST Twirler is also available for situations where minimum separation regulations cannot be met.

Bathroom Lighting Package - Low Voltage Version (inc Safety Transformer)
£995.00 VE
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Bathroom Lighting Package - Mains Version
£795.00 VE
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