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   DSTAqua Twirler
The DST Aqua Twirler projects a plethora of selectable, slowly rotating coloured shapes on to walls, ceilings, and even the bottom of your pool creating a soothing atmosphere. Control of the 8 colours & shapes is easy, using any DST Cause controlling product (such as the DSTAqua Water Switch - available separately).

The unit incorporates a bright 250 watt lamp and has many features such as easy access for lamp change, fan cooling and a sturdy, anti-corrode, steel enclosure. Use with a smoke machine or point at the mirror ball for stunning results.

A fun and very exciting product, it also has the benefit of a passive mode to aid relaxation and is great when used in a bathroom or pool.

Dimensions: 235L x 235W x 130mmH.
Operates on mains voltage or low voltage (comes complete with low voltage safety isolation transformer).

DST Twirler
DST Twirler - Low Voltage Version (inc Safety Transformer)