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   Projector - Interactive Lunar 2000
Please note: this product has now been discontinued / upgraded

The Lunar 2000 is a stylish interactive projector with 4 switching modes including, latched, momentary, toggle and timed.

It accepts all standard rotators and accessories, so your existing effects wheels should work perfectly and it is quieter than most projectors due to its advanced design. It is also much brighter than LED type projectors so can be used in all rooms large or small.

The unit is controlled using any switch (not included) and can be wall or ceiling mounted using the bracket provided, or simply placed on a tabletop (under close supervision). Unit also features a lamp life extending function.

The unit requires either a wheel or cassette rotator and an effects wheel or effects cassette (not included).
Operates on mains voltage. Dimensions: 325L x 125W x 100mmH.

Lunar 2000 Projector
£325.00 VE
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