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   Passive LED Fibre Optic Lightsource
Our superb entry level lightsource just got better!

Simply switch on and this item will transform any fibre optics (not included) into a relaxing effect. Watch as the optics slowly melt between a myriad of deep rich colour.

Not all LED products are created equal! This robust unit contains the brightest long life Luxeon™ LEDs in the world, special optics to prevent distracting Red, Green and Blue 'dots' clearly visible in comparable lightsources, and is very much smaller than usual lightsources.

No more changing lamps. No more fan noise - totally silent and ideal for a relaxation setting.

Operates on safe low voltage from external medical grade power supply (included).
Power supply operates on 100-240VAC

Lightsource - LED - Passive Kit
£175.00 VE
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