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   Fibre Optic Wide Bore
An intensively bright light is emitted from the wide bore optic when connected to any lightsource (not included - available separately).

Ideal for tracking and focusing work and perfect for those with a visual impairment.

Contains no electricity so is superb for introducing light into your pool or bathroom as (non lightsource end) can be safely used in the water.

14mm diameter. Please select required length when ordering
Important Safety Note: If used in a wet area, lightsource must be professionally installed well away from the water and user must be closely supervised

Fibre Optic Wide Bore - 2m
£160.00 VE
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Fibre Optic Wide Bore - 3m
£240.00 VE
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Fibre Optic Wide Bore - 4m
£320.00 VE
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Fibre Optic Wide Bore - 5m
£400.00 VE
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Fibre Optic Wide Bore - 6m
£480.00 VE
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Fibre Optic Wide Bore - 7m
£560.00 VE
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Fibre Optic Wide Bore - 8m
£640.00 VE
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