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Product Categories
   Dichroic Type Spare Lamps
Spare lamps for our full range of products.
Select 15V 150W Dichroic for:-
DST Colour Changer
DST Fibre Optic Lightsource
DST Bubble Tube

Select 24V 250W Dichroic for:-
DST Scanner
DST Twirler

Select 24V 250W Capsule for:-
Lunar Projector (all models)
Solar 250 Projector

Select 12V 50W Dichroic for:-
Passive Lightsource

Note: Our LED products do not require a lamp

Lamp - 12V 50W Dichroic Long Life
Lamp - 15V 150W Dichroic Long Life
Lamp - 24V 250W Dichroic Long Life