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   Life energy full spectrum bio light bulbs
Sunlight can be good for mood, sleep and daytime energy. It can help restore natural rhythm, bringing nourishment to mind body and soul. But more often we live for long periods under unnatural, flickering, narrow spectrum light.

BioLight full daylight bulbs help bring back the benefits of natural light, improving mood, sleep and general health.

The flicker-free lamp radiates a full spectrum of light (380-725nm), uses 4 times less energy than regular bulbs and has a life of approximately 10,000 hours.

One hour spent in the presence of two 100w (equivalent) bio bulbs has similar benefits as an expensive 3000 Lux Light Box. Relax 1.5m to 2m away from the lamp.

Full spectrum bio light bulb - Bayonet Cap
Full spectrum bio light bulb - Screw Cap