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   DST Trackerball
**This item is no longer available**

A robust self contained unit which is the perfect companion to the DST LED Scanner (not included). Using our unique DST digital technology you can operate the DST LED Scanner without the need of any cables between the two items.

Place the very portable unit on the lap, table or floor. Move the large trackerball ball, and watch as the DST LED Scanner projects a moving light beam which mimics your hands every move.

Unit also features a robust switch which allows selection of the various available colours and shapes that the DST LED Scanner has to offer. There is also a switch input, allowing control of the colour / shape using your favourite switch (not included).

Trackerball sensitivity is adjustable so is ideal for developing both fine and gross motor skills.

Operates on integral PP3 battery (included). Dimensions: 240L x 190W x 80mmH
Unit requires at least one DST Effect (ideally the DST LED Scanner) to operate.

DST Trackerball