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   DST Analogue Switch
This unit transforms any mains powered product, be it a bubble tube, fibre optics or projector into a DST Effect allowing switching on and off of items around the establishment using a number of separately available DST Cause products (see DST Cause link on left).

Simply plug the DST Analogue Switch into a UK type mains socket then plug your existing mains powered product into it (load 6A max). You can now easily control your existing mains powered products from any DST Controlling products (and there are lots available – even our Simple DST Multimedia Windows based system) with NO CABLES!!

Please note: this unit will not allow changing colour of other manufacturers’ products. It will simply switch them on or off.

Operates on 220-240V. Dimensions: 70W x 75D x 110mmH.
Unit requires at least one DST Cause product to operate