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   DST Twirler
The DST Twirler projects a plethora of selectable, slowly rotating coloured shapes on to the floor walls or ceiling creating a soothing environment. Control of the 8 colours / shapes is easy, using any DST Cause controlling product (not included) such as the DST Magic Cube.

Unit features a bright 250 watt lamp, easy access for lamp change and sturdy steel enclosure. Use with a smoke machine or point at a mirror ball for stunning 3D results.

A fun and very exciting product, it also has the benefit of an automatic mode to aid relaxation.

Ideally this product should be ceiling or wall mounted. Can be placed on table top but only under close supervision as unit can get hot.

Operates on mains or low voltage 12V AC.
Unit requires at least one DST Cause product to operate - please see links on the left.

DST Twirler
DST Twirler - Low Voltage Version (inc Safety Transformer)