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   DST Interactive Keyboard
Similar to its counterpart, the standard Interactive Keyboard, this DST version features over a hundred high quality internal instruments and effects, but also utilises our DST technology to allow teaching of music through colour.

Apply pressure to any one of the 8 keys (full octave) to not only create music but also control any number of DST Effects (not included).

Unit features a different colour on each key. Stand on the yellow key and watch as your DST Effects change to yellow. Teach music through interaction by using the unit with one or more of the many available DST Effects.

Stand on the coloured keys in a predetermined pattern and you’re making music!

Complete with amplified speakers. Keyboard operates on Mains voltage transformed down to safe low voltage. Amplified speakers operate on Mains voltage.

Dimensions: 2000L x 500W x 150mmH.

Keyboard V2 - Soft Play - DST
£1595.00 VE
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