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   Sensory Stroller - On its own
This beautifully crafted product is both an aesthetically pleasing and incredibly practical item.
If space is at a premium then this unit is exactly what you’re looking for.
It has four wheels with brakes and moves easily from one room to another making it perfect for use on wards, in homes or classrooms where a dedicated sensory room is out of the question.
It has a cupboard for storing CD’s, torches, aroma diffuser, an area for a Bubble tube, a bracket for a mirror ball and flat areas for mounting a projector in fact, it has all the space you could want.
A foldable table located on the side enables the user to sit close to the unit allowing close and easy interaction with the equipment.
The Sensory Stroller can be used in numerous ways making this one item you won’t believe you ever managed without.
Dimensions: 1000L x 600W x 750mmH.
Individual products to use with the stroller are available seperately or as specially prepared packages.