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   DSTAqua Projector
This projector allows projection of numerous shapes, colours, images or even pictures around the pool using the many standard rotators and effects wheels already available, to give superb results.

Can be switched on and off by the user from the water by simply pressing the floating DST Aqua Water Switch (available separately), and can be controlled from anywhere within the pool environment thanks to our DST Digital technology.

Ideal for theming, story telling, relaxation and developing switching skills.

Unit can be used on its own but requires at least one DST Cause product (ideally the DST Water Switch), to operate interactively.

Available in mains voltage or low voltage versions. Comes complete with wall / ceiling mounting bracket.

Dimensions: 325L x 125W x 100mmH.

DSTAqua Projector - Low Voltage Version (inc Safety Transformer)
£695.00 VE
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DSTAqua Projector - Mains Version
£495.00 VE
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