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   DSTAqua Fog Machine
Press the DST Aqua Water Switch (available separately) for 5 seconds to release a puff of fog - all from within the water, with no wires / pipes!
The amount of fog released is fully controllable. The longer you press the water switch the more fog is released.

Creates a stunning effect when used with DST Aqua Twirler, pinspot or mirror ball (all available separately) as the fog highlights all the beams of light not normally seen by the naked eye making them seem 3D.

This unit operates on 220-240VAC and must be kept out of the pool area if electrical regulations cannot be met. Placing in a cupboard or in the changing room is popular.

If required, our remote fixing kit (available below) allows the unit to be fitted outside of the main pool area (requires a hole drilling in pool wall for fog pipe) so no pool has to be without this fantastic effect.

Must be mounted out of reach, as it does get hot! Please remember to order fog fluid for this item.

Dimensions: 340L x 150W x 160mmH