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   EasyClean™ MegaActive "Talking" Bubble Tube
An incredibly powerful easy to use Interactive Bubble Tube. The Talking MegaActive Bubble Tube gives an auditory as well as a visual response whenever a switch is activated.

It is the brightest, most advanced bubble tube available, with stunning colours and 9 user programs:-
• Passive
• Latched
• Momentary
• Toggle
• Racing Game
• Simon Says Game (with audio and visual reward)
• Sound Activated Latched (bubbles & colour react to sound)
• Sound Activated Momentary (bubbles & colour switch off until a sound is heard)
• Talking (each selected colour is called out)

Features include much brighter colours, safe low voltage, fan cooling, easy lamp changing access, attractive plastic base.

Unit also features our unique EasyClean™ technology making cleaning very simple.
Switches not included (for suitable switches, see links on the left).
If the bubble tube will be going under a soft play plinth, please choose the Plinth Version