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   Fibre Optic Safer Plastic Sideglow
Sometimes known as ‘spaghetti’, this spray of encapsulated fibre optic tails emits spots of ever changing colour along their whole length.

Fibre optic sideglow is great when draped over a person and perfect for close visual work. This highly visual effect, offers opportunity for interaction and interest from people with profound difficulties and visual impairments.

Consistent with our high safety standards, our sideglow is made totally from plastic.

All fibre optic products require a Fibre Optic Lightsource (sold separately). Please see links on the left.

Fibre Optic Safer Sideglow - 2m x 100tails x 2.4mm OD
Fibre Optic Safer Sideglow - 2m x 200tails x 2.4mm OD
Fibre Optic Safer Sideglow - 3m x 200tails x 2.4mm OD