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Are YOU Ready To Change Your Mind

Mood Rooms are mindset changing environments that allow your users the opportunity to adjust to a more suitable level of behaviour, in a safe and welcoming environment, for the activities and tasks you wish them to complete, without disturbing or influencing other members of your group.

More and more teachers, professionals and carers are recognising the important advantages of using our sensory equipment to encourage relaxation, interaction and stimulation to help their users adjust to more suitable levels of behaviour.

With our DST Mood Room System, you will have total control on the activity being carried out, as well as have maximum versatility for your users. You can choose to relax your users, stimulate your users or have simple one on one session’s to encourage your users to interact and carry out tasks to achieve targets set by you.

Our PROVEN DST System Is GOOD For You And Your Users

We design mood room systems for use in any type of environment, from a small room in a home up to a full size office block for stress relief of executive staff. Our modular system will also allow you to expand on your system over time, so you can start with a switch and one or two effects and over time, build up to a system that includes music, furniture, vibro-acoustics and even video.

You can encourage activities that are ideal for promoting vocalisation, relaxation, stimulation and interaction and best of all, you have total control of the system and the ability to choose.

You may even find yourself using the room at the end of a hectic day to chill out before leaving for home, or how about first thing in the morning to get yourself energised for the day ahead?

Watch our Colourwash System in action here

Contact Us today and arrange a visit with one of our specialist advisors, who will work with you to design your new Mood Room, specifically for you and your end users.

HERE Are A Few Items YOU Can Use In Your New Mood Room

Image Of Book - Add a little colour to your life
Price £9.95 Net
Image Of SAD Light Box
Price £199.00 Net
Image Of Life energy full spectrum bio light bulbs
Price £33.95 Net
Image Of Song on the Peach Tree Spring
Price £18.50 Net
Image Of Mozart effect Book by Don Campbell
Price £14.95 Net
Image Of Tears of the moon - CD
Price £18.50 Net
Image Of Mozart effect CD - Various Themes
Price £19.95 Net