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An AMAZING Addition To YOUR Sensory System

Our Interactive Floor System combines high technology with simple design to provide a low cost, immersive sensory system designed specifically to benefit your end users.

Our Interactive Floor System offers floor, wall or ceiling projection* that responds to body movement and our Interactive floor System is the only one that gives you the option to integrate your system with your existing (or yet to purchase) DST Effects.

Feel The MAGIC At Your Fingertips

You can add any of your existing image, video and audio files to the many effects already available, so you can build up your own structured sequences, specifically targeted for your users. You can also design a scenario based around your users specific needs and simply save it to their swipe card ID for re-use at a later date.

Multiple users can be added to the system and scenarios can be changed by the simple swipe of a card. With in-built wheels, our mobile system can easily be moved from room to room. The camera head lowers for easy access through doorways. A mobile solution is also available with floor, wall or ceiling projection*.

With our Interactive Floor System, you can project multiple themes and images, which are combined with high quality stereo sound for excellent audio effects. You can also choose from a range of stimulating interactive and colourful games such as ‘Splat the Insects,’ ‘Scatter the Stars’ and ‘Whack-a-Mole,' to get your users moving and help develop their co-ordination and tracking skills.

As our Interactive Floor System projects images onto the floor, wall or ceiling, it is the ideal choice for those standing, using a wheelchair, lying on the floor or even bed bound.

*options at the time of ordering

Contact Us today and arrange a visit with one of our specialist advisors, who will work with you to integrate your new Interactive Floor System, specifically for you and your end users.

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