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   DST Master Buttons
DST Master Buttons are perfect when money is tight and you want to turn your existing products into wirefree DST products.

Self contained unit with 8 white robust buttons ideal for teaching a huge array of skills including promotion of switching skills and developing cause and effect awareness and colour recognition, to name but a few.

Unit has 8 ‘industry standard’ input sockets enabling you to connect your favourite switches to the unit.

Simply plug a DST Analogue Switch Responding Product (available seperately) into any 240v mains socket. Then plug the item you want to control into the Analogue Switch. Your normal product is now controllable using the DST Master Buttons.

Very easy to use, maximum load is 3 amp so please don’t plug in your toaster!

The DST Master Buttons can control an infinite amount of DST Analogue Switches.

Operates on PP3 battery (included). Dimensions: 240L x 190W x 80mmD.