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   DST Fibre Optic Light Source
Any fibre optic item can be brought to DST life using this incredible light source.

Just plug your existing fibre optics into the industry standard 30mm terminal and now you can control the colour of your Fibre Optics instantly using any DST Controlling Products (see links to the left), with no cables! It operates on safe 12v low voltage (external transformer supplied) and is fan cooled.

•An incredibly bright lamp, compact and very lightweight
•8 pure dichroic colours
•More accessible to the visually impaired
•Also operates in a relaxing passive mode
•Safe for use in pool areas (Note: Supply to Isolation Transformer must be installed properly to BS7671 (UK) - if in doubt please call us for advice)
•Fan cooled and complete with mounting bracket

For a more detailed explanation of how our revolutionary DST products work please see the DST links (Fibre Optics not included).Dimensions: 240L x 135W x 160mmH.